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Stroll through Smoketown
Date Night Engagement Session
Louisville, Ky

Having found us through close friends whose wedding we photographed, B & R were interested in working with us because they said they had seen our work and were excited about having their authentic selves and love captured!! We told them about our "date night" engagement sessions, and they said something they love to do is take a leisurely stroll around their neighborhood, called Smoketown (right next to Germantown), so that's exactly what we did! We started their engagement session at Hess Landscaping and Nursery on Logan Street - a spot you may easily drive past and not think of couples portraits being taken there - but through our photographer eyes we were drawn to the the beautiful pops of colors of the mums! Plus, B &  R are planning on decorating their wedding venue with lots of greenery, and are plant parents, so it was a fun way to help break the ice as they pointed out the various plants they have...andddd those they may have unfortunately killed as any plant parent understands. 

They then took us around to some beautiful murals we hadn't even noticed when driving through the area and we had a blast coming up with fun ways to show off their love and feel it really comes through in their final images! We can't wait to photograph their Germantown Gables wedding in 2023!

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