Get to know us a bit!


What's something you really looked forward to on your wedding day, besides getting married?

So many things! But a big one was the dancefloor. We didn't have a dj, so we set up a Spotify playlist with all of our favorite dance and love songs. We also had guests write in what song they would like to dance to on their RSVPs and added those to the list to get as many people out there as possible! Lilly recently found our playlist under an old login, and listening to it brought back a lot of great memories.

We were also thrilled to welcome some of our oldest friends from out of town to the party.

What are some things you enjoy doing together?

Cooking, grabbing tacos down the street, playing with our dogs, playing video/board games


What's a place you guys have dreamed about going to together, and why?

Italy! We both love the mountains and the sea, so  we hope to spend some time on the Italian Coast, and then travel up to the Alps sometime in the next year or two. Plus eat all the seafood and pasta along the way.

What do you guys usually have playing during a road trip?

We'd probably go with music by Say Anything or Frank Ocean. Or listening to The People's Court.


Which textile spoke best to your wedding style?

Tulle and textured/petaled fabric

Do either of you have any hidden talents?

Justin can sorta draw with his feet... Lilly can touch her nose with her tongue.


Favorite Dynamic Duo?

Hard to choose, probably have to go with Scully and Mulder from X-Files.