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Get to know us a bit more!


What's something you really looked forward to on your wedding day, besides marrying your best friend?

So many things! But a big one was the dancefloor. It was a rare opportunity to get to dance our hearts out with all our loved ones. We didn't have a dj, so we set up a Spotify playlist with all of our favorite songs. We also had guests write in what song they would like to dance to on their RSVPs and added those to the list to get as many people out there as possible! Lilly recently found our playlist under an old login, and listening to it brought back a lot of great memories.

We were also thrilled to welcome some of our oldest friends from out of town and partied with them all weekend long!

What are some things you enjoy doing together?

Cooking, grabbing tacos down the street, playing with our dogs, playing video/board games, watching dumb horror movies while commentating jokes over them.


What's something your partner does that makes you laugh?

Lilly - whenever I say " just a second", Justin always responds "one". He's been doing this for 13 years and it still makes me giggle. For some reason I never even anticipate it.

Justin - when Lilly sings new nicknames to our animals. The nicknames and melodies end up sticking around the house for a while.

Do you have any favorite local spots or shops?

Were honestly pretty big homebodies, but definitely love indulging in the vast food scene of Louisville. Lately our "random Tuesday night date" has been hitting up Oskar's Slider Bar followed by Baxter Avenue Theatre for terribly goofy A-24 / other horror movies.

Riverhouse when we feel like having a "fliff night"

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Do either of you have any hidden "talents"?

Justin can sorta draw with his feet... Lilly can touch her nose with her tongue.

Any songs or albums you guys love rocking out together to?

Soooo many.... say anything's in defense of the genre, frank ocean's blonde, young thug's beautiful thugger girls to name a few


Favorite Dynamic Duo?

Flats and drums (chicken wings).

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