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for happy & sappy couples

Natural & sentimental photography


We're Lilly & Justin, married high school sweethearts located in Louisville, KY and photographers of smitten couples in the area. Lilly's middle name is Shade, and we found it to be a great fit for our work. You know that feeling you get when you seek refuge from the Southern Sun in the shade of a giant tree? It's the same way you feel when you hold each other or look into each other's eyes. It's those giddy reassuring laughs you share as you whisper secrets or cheesy jokes to one another. It's comfortable, it's breezy - it's your safe haven. That's what we strive to capture during couples' sessions and wedding days, so you can look back years from now and bask in that cool, cool shade.


Well, hi!

Looking to celebrate your relationship or engagement with some fun photos?  

Engaged and excited to marry your best friend?