Hello to you! We're Justin and Lilly and we make up In the Shade Photography. We named our business after Lilly's middle name, Shade. We've been married for 5 years but fell in love our senior year of high school so we've been building our life together for over 11 years!

We are big animal lovers with 2 dogs (Potato & Moonshine) and 2 cats (Simcard and Bruce Wayne), and have endless fantasies for backyard chickens, goats, and horses (who we've already picked out names for). We spend a lot of time in the kitchen together too! Anything from homemade pasta and biscuits to Korean BBQ and pierogis - we're always interested in learning more and sharing with friends and family. We also love playing video and board games (Lilly gets super competitive), making goofy songs and videos, re-watching Quentin Tarantino movies and animes. Justin is also a very talented musician and Lilly has been a hobby seamstress since middle school; she made her own wedding dress and her 2nd custom bridal commission was just featured in Today's Woman Magazine

Years back we were constantly photographing ourselves and our friends with point and shoot cameras and decided one day to level up to DSLRs. After that, we started working on our composition and editing skills; now we really strive for our end product to have natural looking skin tones, while enhancing bold colors and focal points. Working side by side we often feel like we're on a double date with our engaged couples, and we try our best to evoke emotions from all of our clients through genuinely wanting to get to know them. Whether it's by playing silly word games or asking clients to recall particular memories, this allows us to capture intimate and real moments even if clients have expressed they aren't comfortable in front of the camera. The greatest compliment we've ever received was when a couple on their elopement day, who we had just met a couple hours before, asked us to step in the frame with them because we felt like old friends!

We still make time to whip out the tripod and take our own portraits, too, like these that we took on our 5 year anniversary in May because photos are just that important to us and definitely a way to celebrate!

Thank you for reading! If we sound like the kinda couple you'd love to work with please give us a shout!