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We're Justin and Lilly...

Why we love our job

We're very sentimental people, and because we always had a camera or two with us throughout our relationship we're able to look back and relive so many special memories and see how much we've grown together. That's exactly what we get to do for our clients and we don't take that honor lightly! We've both always felt the need to express ourselves creatively, and photography allows us to create beautiful and meaningful moments frozen in time. Another reason we love our job, to put it simply, is because creating portraits with our couples during sessions and wedding days is FUN! We laugh together and make jokes, get to hear about how they met and fell in love, and get to listen to them gush about their pets while we gush about ours!


How we work together

With being together for 13 years, we really have the unspoken communication thing down. We often have that "I was just about to say that" moment, even when the "that" is totally off what we were just talking about. This definitely comes in handy for sessions and weddings, where one of us may be side-eyeing a good backdrop and the other notices and jumps in to get the shot or get the lighting just right. When working separately on wedding days (we often do this during the "getting ready" period so you get the memories from both sides), we can fully trust the other to get stellar shots. While we may often be thinking the same thing, both of our creative perspectives bring something exciting to the table and allow for a more dynamic finished album.


Who we are

Behind the camera we're a married pair of Kentucky kids who have been building our lives and dreams together since high school. In our free time, Justin enjoys making music of all types and Lilly is a hobby seamstress who made her own wedding dress and loves taking custom commissions! We are huge animal lovers with 3 dogs and 2 cats, and have endless fantasies for backyard chickens, goats, and horses. We also like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Anything from homemade pasta and biscuits to Korean BBQ and pierogis - we're always interested in learning more and sharing with family and friends. We goof off playing video and board games (Lilly gets super competitive and Justin thoroughly enjoys egging her on), making dumb songs and videos, and re-watching Quentin Tarantino movies, Top Chef, and Always Sunny. We make time to take our own portraits a few times a year to celebrate anniversaries, commemorate a new travel spot, or just to have a laugh and something to look back on. 

If you're interested in learning more about us capturing your love story, give us a shout here

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